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The Muse pays tribute to people who have inspired, revolutionised and initiated ventures, ideas and brands to become modern icons of today. 


A definitive read that is set to push the bar higher on luxury Chinese magazines. The Muse offers quality documentation and photography to match that of its established profiles and to cater to a clientele that appreciates the spirit of innovation. 


The Muse is available in print as well as digital platforms, to further engage and reach audiences. 


The Muse Magazine向当代的偶像与楷模们致敬,他们是行业先锋、前沿探索者,抑或是时代弄潮儿,在各个领域作为一本奢华中文杂志,The Muse Magazine重新界定高端中文奢华杂志内涵。  


我们通过最高水准的文字与影像来诠释杂志 的定位,并且能与富有创意先锋精神的客户们 产生共鸣。


The Muse Magazine以印刷刊物与网络电子版两种方式来拓展读者群。

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